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Math (all levels through Pre-Algebra)

The way we do Math to make is more individualized, closer to semi-private tutoring.  At the beginning of each semester, students can take the simple assessment test online to see what level they should place into or speak to their current Math teacher to make sure they advance to the right starting level.  During the Math time slots, each student will be working on their own level and progress at their own speed.  The teachers/tutors in the room will be available if anyone gets stuck on a problem or when there is a new concept to explain.  From time to time, if they see a common problem that everyone in the room is having, they might explain something on the board, but mostly they will be explaining concepts to 1 or maybe 2-3 students at a time and then students will go back to practicing it on their own.  Everyone through Pre-Algebra will be doing Math at the same time (Monday & Thursday mornings 9:30-11am).  A student can sign up for 1 or both time slots.  If you come more often you will progress more quickly.  Once a student masters a level of Math, they will move to a different room with a different teacher/tutor to assist them in that level of Math, even if it’s mid-semester.  This way a student could potentially finish more than 1 level of Math in a semester or if they need more time, they can stay in 1 level for longer.

At the end of each class (the last 20 minutes or so) students will also be able to play some Math & Logic Games appropriate to their level.

The levels will be divided as follows:

Addition & Subtraction (can be concurrently enrolled in the Math for Little Ones class) – this level will also practice some addition & subtraction facts

Multiplication & Division – this level will also practice multiplication & division tables

Decimals, %, and Fractions

Integers (positive & negative numbers), Measurements & Pre-Algebra – will be taught as a lecture-style class

Students will have the option to use the online curriculum on Khan Academy that is set out sequentially or we will use the Key To series of simple workbooks as well as some manipulatives to explain and master new concepts.

Teachers: Elmarie Hyman and several other tutors

Cost: See pricing chart

Click here for the placement tests.

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