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Martial Arts: American Tang Soo Do

American Tang Soo Do is a Martial Arts that was brought from Korea and Americanized by Chuck Norris.

Tang Soo Do is well-rounded style of Martial Arts which teaches self-defense using both hands and feet –

standing and on the ground. American Tang Soo Do training uses the physical art as a vehicle to build

strong character: self-control, integrity, courtesy, perseverance and strong spirit. Parents love the

wealth of growth the art brings to their children. Children enjoy the challenge and fun of the physicality

of the art.

This class will cover traditional forms, self-defense, kicks, blocks, punches and fitness. Students will

practice self-discipline, focus, and coordination in each class.

Students will have the opportunity to advance through the ranks as they earn higher belts.


Ages: 8+yo.

Teacher: AJ Bondio

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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