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Making History – Learning Through Improv

The Royals!

Forget heavy textbooks, tedious tests, and lists of dates.  History comes alive when you get to BE the characters!  Each week students will hear a story of royal intrigue – plots and prisoners, love and lunacy.  Using fun and easy improv basics, they will jump up on their feet and act out these stories and understand history from the point of view of the people that lived it and there is no writing requirement!

Explore history in more exciting and fulfilling ways.  Join King Arthur at the fabled round table, or see a new Shakespeare play sitting next to Queen Elizabeth.  Come face to face with dauntless Queen Nzinga who would not step aside or try to persuade King Phillip to step up and take the throne.  Be invited in by lonely Queen Victoria, or shut out by Mad King Ludwig.  Learn about the heartache, heartbreak and madness of the real people whose whims ruled nations.  Students are invited to keep learning at home and bring in fun facts about our subject to inform our improvs. In our last weeks we will take our most hilarious, touching, and exciting scenes and put them together for an informal show.  So join us as we improv with Royalty!

Ages: 9+yo.

Teacher: Much Ado About Shakespeare Staff


$325 (includes all materials)

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