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Literature, Social Studies Through Minecraft

What a fun class this will be!  With the guidance of Elmarie, students will use literature such as some of Shakespeare’s writings in kid-friendly format and more (true to our Middle Ages/Renaissance theme for the year) as a springboard to create their own Middle Ages/Renaissance themed Minecraft worlds.  The first part of class each week will be taken up by studying certain time periods linked to the literature/stories for the week (history, geographical region, language, type of dress, customs, etc) and brainstorming some ideas for what could be built in their Minecraft worlds.  Students will then proceed to build their own world on their Minecraft game and share their creations with the class with the help of a projector being hooked up to their computer and a LAN.  Students need to provide their own laptop with their installed and updated Minecraft game.  

There will be a Minecraft expert assistant available in class in case students need technical help with creating anything in their world.

There will also be a private play server which the students will use for a little while during class and will be able to access the rest of the week to play with each other.  It is a private server which only will have the kids in the class able to access it.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman and assistant (to be finalized)

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Non-refundable materials cost: $40

Ages: 8+yo.

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