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Literature Discussions & Writer’s Workshop

This unique literature class provides a variety of engaging, interesting, and enjoyable educational activities. You can sign up for one module(book) or all 3.  The course will focus on literature and writing, but we will also cover other topics in the process of analyzing the stories we read. We will also focus on:
• Social studies, as we examine the times and places where the characters lived and the social constraints in which they functioned
• Vocabulary, grammar, and writing conventions, as we analyze writing styles of various authors
• Different forms of writing, as we complete in-class exercises and optional homework assignments
This course will have some homework, but students will have some freedom with how deeply they would like to work on their assignments.

The books that will be studied will be:

Watership Down

Esperienza Rising

Phantom Tollbooth


Teacher: Cindy Dominguez

Cost: Please see the pricing chart

Non-refundable materials cost: $40 (include all the books for the class)

Ages: 12+ yo.

To register: Click here