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Literature Arts/Native American Studies

This class combines literature arts with social studies
as we delve into Elizabeth George Speare’s Newbery Award-winning
survival story, “The Sign of the Beaver,” that’s filled with wonderful detail
about living in the wilderness and the relationships that formed between
settlers and natives in the 1700’s. This class will also combine an added
focus on Native American Animal Stories and folktales that demonstrate
the power of animals in Native American traditions.
“The Sign of the Beaver” synopsis: Although he faces responsibility
bravely, thirteen-year-old Matt is more than a little apprehensive when his
father leaves him alone to guard their new cabin in the wilderness. When a
renegade white stranger steals his gun, Matt realizes he has no way to
shoot game or to protect himself. When Matt meets Attean, a boy in the
Beaver clan, he begins to better understand their way of life and their
growing problem in adapting to the white man and the changing frontier.

CLASS REQUIREMENT: Please come to class with a copy of “The Sign of the Beaver” by Elizabeth George Speare.

Teacher: Erika F.

Ages: 9-12yo.

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