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Literature Analysis and Discussions for Teens

There’s nothing like a good book to get us thinking about life and our place in it! In fact, research shows that reading literary fiction can build empathy and expand the ways in which we are able to understand others, which is vital for anyone, but particularly valuable for high school students. Discussing what we read can make a significant difference in how we understand and enjoy literature. For this reason, book clubs are a cultural mainstay, and this course is designed with that in mind. Here, students can read, discuss, deepen their knowledge of literary devices, and expand their understanding of others, and have fun in the process. This course is designed for high school students who are not in the “A-G track” at a charter school but would like an engaging, educational, and enjoyable way to explore language arts. This course will offer instruction, games, and activities that explore literature concepts such as characterization, foreshadowing, story arc, suspense-building mechanisms, figurative language, vocabulary, and more. We will also discuss our thoughts, feelings, and predictions while reading, but without the heavy amount of writing that is generally required in an A-G literature class. We will do some book-film comparisons and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and differences between each version of the stories. The only homework required for this class will be reading. (If requested, there may be suggested assignments that students can complete on their own if they would like to create records of their work.) We will cover a variety of books, short stories, and poems and possibly a play or two over the course of the semester, and students will have some input in the chosen readings. Literature lovers and literary novices are all welcome!

Ages: 13+yo.

About the teacher: Dr. Lizzie Scott is a published author, experienced writer, and mother who has years of experience teaching high school- and college-level courses in literature, writing and other topics, as well as running the Student Council. She enjoys exploring literary ideas with students and helping to bring literature to life.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

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