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Lego WeDo Robotics – Star Wars

Race with Luke Skywalker over the icy surface of
planet Hoth in his snowspeeder! Keep watch from
the command center trench with Commander
Rieekan and catch the Imperial Snowtroopers attacking
the Rebel defenses. Build remote controlled
LEGO® Imperial AT-AT Walkers.  In this fun class, students build Legos step by step to build certain models that will contain motors and will be fully functional little working machine.  They learn about gears, pulleys, and all those simple machines and then how to combine them to get it moving.  They will build a remote controlled droid, a remote controlled Star Wars battle tank, a walking machine, a AT-ST Scout Walker, and more.

Teacher: ASE Enrichment

Cost: Please see the pricing chart

Ages: 5-8yo.

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