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This semester let’s take a look at the different parts of a newspaper.  What are people interested in reading about? What news makes the headlines and what stories get stuck on the back page? From hard hitting world news to the classified ads, self help articles and the entertainment section, I bet the kids at Learn Beyond The Book can put together a pretty good newspaper pulling from local news and interesting stories that they run themselves. Let’s see what they can do. I bet it’ll be fun.

They’ll choose which sections to include, and how often they want to go to press.  Collectively we will divide up the sections and each student will be given an opportunity to write, co-edit, and format. The students will shape the paper over time from both local and far reaching current news*, and ultimately include stories and interviews from other students and teachers on campus here in Santa Clarita, reaching out as well to Sherman Oaks, Northridge, and beyond.  Foreign correspondents? Sure. Dear Abby? Perhaps.  Comic strips? Absolutely!

(There will be some homework required each week.)

*This class may be a forum where sensitive or delicate news is discussed among the students and although we will steer away from shaming or criticizing political, religious, or otherwise persons, all students will be encouraged to bring ideas and news stories from the outside world into the classroom.

Ages: 14+yo.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

Cost: See pricing chart

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