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Leadership Development Skills

Leadership Development Skills is a completely INTERACTIVE and CUSTOMIZED leadership training that uses improv exercises to develop intentional and aware leadership choices. All of us function as a leader at some point in our lives. Today’s leaders need to be able to think on their feet and respond rapidly and effectively to change. Set a foundation of skill for your student with Leadership Development. By focusing on three concepts from improv, “listening, acceptance and exploring and heightening”, participants will learn how to use improv exercises to facilitate communication, innovation, and connection and see increased success in leadership decision making.

They will develop:

  • Heightened listening skills
  • The ability to think off the top of their head
  • Critical thinking skills that evaluate cause and effect
  • An awareness of how listening and acceptance directly impact leadership decisions
  • Specific action steps to increase openness, and generate new ideas, and take action
  • The ability to respond to change and transform it into effective results
  • A set of improv exercises to serve as a foundation for continued exploration
  • The use of improv exercises facilitate specific action that represents innovative leadership on a micro-scale
  • Educate students about the fundamentals of improv

Ages: 9+yo.

Teacher: Gillian Bellinger

Cost: See pricing chart

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