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College Prep Leadership Council (including Electronic Educational Portfolios)

This is a workshop style class that has a different topic every week, but all of it will be very hands-on and will involve some essential writing skills in a workshop format, training of all kinds, including volunteering, learning about bank accounts and more, and students will be creating their own digital portfolios (online resumes) while learning the popular and commonly used website builder, WordPress.  We also plan to work on setting goals and achieving them, learning about project management and more.  More details about the topics to come.  Students have requested weeks to work on resumes and do mock job interviews, so those will definitely be there, but isn’t scheduled yet.  Feel free to submit topics you would like to see covered to learnbeyondthebook@gmail.com

The order of the topics might change a little based on speaker availability.

Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: $150 for the semester and students could potentially earn their way into this class with volunteer jobs.



1/22: Digital Portfolios – Elmarie Hyman


2/12: Job applications & typical questions you get asked – Elmarie Hyman

2/26: Job mock interviews – Mike Ridgewell

3/11: Digital Portfolios – Elmarie Hyman

3/25: Good habits – Elmarie/Jonny Hyman

4/15: Writing – Lizzie – informal and formal writing

4/29: Psychology topic TBD

5/13: Leadership skills

5/27:  Digital Portfolios & Party

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