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Latin Language through Story Telling & Minecraft (11-14yo.)

Salvete Latinists! Welcome to Elementary Latin.  Latin Through Storytelling is not like any other foreign language class you’ve ever experienced.  I use a grammar approach with the Lively Latin Big Book 1 https://www.livelylatin.com/  to instill the basic paradigms. However, the most exciting part of my program is the storytelling component using  TresColumnae.com.

Each week students will be expected to complete homework (no more than 15 minutes per day).  Some of the assignments are memorization drill and others are creative storytelling using either drawing and writing skills or Google slides.

Since Latin is a language, a form of communication, I will ask students to practice pronunciation and conversational Latin in the classroom and with parents/siblings.

We will also use some fun Youtube videos implementing Latin through the popular Minecraft game.

No materials are necessary; however, I will expect students to come prepared with a 3-ring notebook, flashcards (3×5 index cards cut in half) with a bag or ring to hold them, pencils. Colored pencils,  scissors and glue sticks will be needed at home.

Please feel free to visit (and subscribe to) my blog http://www.classicalrevival.com/ and click on the About page to learn more about me and my passion for classical education and especially the Latin language.