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Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science through Stories

There are 2 age groupings for this class.  The younger class is typically 5-8yo. and the older class 7-9yo.

Come tour our wonderful planet with us, learn about our earth, maps, globes, and then create your own passport and virtually visit some really awesome places on different continents.  Enjoy some delicious snacks from different regions and learn what kids are like in other countries.  This is a great class to create cultural awareness of how we are all different and yet so much the same.   We will read stories from all over the world and do some fun hands-on projects.

The first 1/2 of the class every week will be comprised of a read-aloud session (teacher will read) followed by a group discussion and a language arts project. Note: The language arts projects will sometimes be writing. For the older group, writing may include an independent paragraph. For the younger group, writing may include a sentence or two about an opinion or fact.

The second 1/2 of the class each week will be geared towards science, with hands-on projects, group readings, and writing ONLY when writing was NOT included in language arts.

To determine where your child fits best:

Older Group – able to write a paragraph with teacher prompting and minimal guidance; able to read 3rd-4th grade level text Younger Group – able to write 2-3 sentences with teacher prompting and minimal guidance (i.e. teacher asks student to write what they think will happen next by starting with “Next in the story, I think…”); able to read 1st-2nd grade level text

Ages: 5 – 8 yo. & 7 –  9yo.

Teacher: Gabriela Viramontes


BEST VALUE: If enrolling in full unit (3 hours a week 9:30-12:30) – $595

If enrolling in just 1 of the 1.5 hour slots (9:30 OR 11) – cost is $310

This class counts for 2 classes for Inspire Preferred Vendor Program Students.

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