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Knight Training: Historical European Fencing

Come and learn how to fight with swords! We will learn how to use the techniques that knights and soldiers used in the middle ages, renaissance and the early modern period of Europe. Students will be doing light workouts with exercise bands, cardio and bodyweight exercises. There will be light contact sparring and to ensure their safety, students must provide their own fencing mask. Here is a link to what those look like and pricing. 




The brand and color are not important as long as it is a fencing mask that covers: the face, top and sides of the head. The practice weapons that we will use will be provided. These swords are made of soft plastics and surrounded by thick padding. Here is a link to what these practice weapons look like as well as a demo of how they are used. https://www.woodenswords.com/product_p/pad.saber.h.htm At the end of the semester, students will become strong and agile knights capable of wielding swords! 

Teacher: Noel Rodriguez

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