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Kitchen Wellness/Food as Medicine

Staying healthy in our current environment is more important than ever
and this class helps you with doing so right from the ingredients in your
own kitchen. Currently, we have moved away from eating for
nourishment and more so eating for taste and sport, causing our bodies
to be under-nourished and our immune systems unsupported leaving us
apt to becoming sick more often than we should. This class helps to
bring us back into the habit of using food to nourish our bodies by
highlighting the healing medicine we have right in our kitchen cabinets
and refrigerators, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.
Each week we will create healing dishes based around select medicinal
and nutritional properties of everyday ingredients.
Every week we will focus on the foods that help in different areas ranging
from, energy, mood, sleep, attention, and digestion, to immunity and
cold and flu prevention/remedies. We will discuss the vitamins,
minerals, and nutrients that the foods contain and how best our bodies can
utilize them.

You’ll learn to make healing broths, nourishing soups, anti-
inflammatory salads, and more. Come reconnect back to the earth and

learn to use the food it provides to make a delicious meal that not only
nourishes your body but your taste buds will love!

Teacher: Alicia Danielle

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