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Jewelry-making (5 weeks) & Art Adventures (7 weeks)

In the 5 week Jewelry-making course, come learn the basics of using beads and clay to create your own bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and charms! We will cover necklace and bracelets starts, composition, different clasp types, and material choices. Students will be provided necessary materials to take part in class, however access to an oven/toaster oven is required.

In this 7 week Art Adventures course, students will learn base-level skills of many visual art forms. We will cover a new art form in each class, such as clay work, jewelry making, collage work, and photography. Each week, students will leave class with entry-level knowledge of the topic covered, as well as an art project to show off their skills! Most supplies needed for class will be provided.

Teacher: Phoebe Frolick & Jessica Perrine

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