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It’s just too much work!

In my previous articles about whether to keep homeschooling next year and concerns about friends, I discussed some concerns that you might have as you’re starting to think of homeschooling next year.

You might also just feel tired of working so hard at educating your child/children.  It would be so much easier to send the kids to school!  Or would it?

There are even solutions for this possible issue!  Here are some examples:

  • Consider starting a co-op group.  A co-op group is a co-operative effort on the part of a few moms who start sharing the load of teaching.  We have a co-op at my house on Mondays.  One mom teaches Sign Language, another teaches Writing, another Science, yet another Educational Games and lastly another mom teaches History.  This way, I prepare in much greater detail for one or two subjects that I’m teaching than if I had to teach all these subjects and make it fun.  It’s like bartering, you help me with teaching my child Writing and I help you by teaching your child History.  Get the idea?  There are so many different ways this can work, your imagination is the limit!  I will be offering a group homeschool coaching tele-workshop soon to help homeschoolers who want some help with this.  You can look at what I will offer at joyfuljourneycoaching.com
  • Consider outsourcing some classes that you do not enjoy teaching to trusted teachers you might know e.g. some areas have centers where children can take classes a la carte and you can sign up for some of those and not have to do all the prep work yourself.
  • If you have a really hard time with Math or some other subject, you might want to consider employing a tutor for whatever subject you are having trouble with.
  • You could also consider buying boxed curriculum that already has everything included and you don’t have to prepare hardly anything.
  • Consider joining a charter school like CAVA where you are supplied with online curriculum and supplies and a computer for your child to do their school work.  You will be much less involved.
  • If your child is in high school, consider outsourcing to a local community college for some of the subjects.  Your child might also be able to earn dual-credit this way.

I hope this has helped inspire you with some new ideas to empower you as you start thinking about the next school year.