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It’s a Small World After All!


Come on some adventures with us traveling all over the world!  Come fill up your pretend passport with stamps from all the countries you will visit!  This will be the next best thing if you can’t afford actually visiting all these fascinating places!

The class will involve some media, books, reading, crafts, art projects, theater, cooking, as well as incorporating games.  We will work on displays from each continent in class, so it will also encompass teamwork.

This will be a true unit study, since we will be studying the geography, animals, plants, landscape, culture, art, landmarks, music, and food of each continent.  It will also include some research skills and public speaking.

Every week, at the end of class, students will randomly pick a question from a selection of questions about the continent being studied to research for the week.  These will be simple enough to find the answers in a relatively short amount of time, and then the student will be able to present it to their classmates the next week.  We will work on developing some public speaking skills while sharing our research.

Geography will include where in the world it is located, capitals, reading maps & globes, mountain ranges, lakes & main rivers.  We will study a globe and an atlas to make sure we can find it all on both.  In South America we will create a travel brochure of all the different countries on that continent and when we’re studying Antarctica we will do short reports after some research online during class.  We will focus on famous landmarks as well and reinforce that with lots of review games.  Time zones will be discussed as well.  We will reinforce it all by playing games like Map Tangle, Landmarks Bingo, Mad Dash, Scrambled States of America, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, World Geography Jingo, crossword puzzles, and more.

We will also put an emphasis on all the different cultures in the world and the beauty in each, how they’re different and the same as ours.

We will cook some foods from across the world ourselves during class (no cooking experience required) or sometimes bring in food from different regions and focus on the holidays that they celebrate and a few words from their language.  We will listen to someone speaking the language for a few minutes, to get a feel of how it sounds.

We will study some art and artists coupled with recreating some of their art.  We will also learn about the music and famous composers/musicians from the different continents.  We will listen to samples of music from the past and today.  Art projects will also be incorporated in all the other activities as described above.

Students will receive the names of suggested books they could read to accompany their studies and deepen their learning, e.g. when we study Antarctica, they could be reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins or Cabin and the Ice Palaces.  If students are more interested in biographies, they can read Richard Byrd, Boy of the South Pole.

They can also be reading Around the World in 80 days throughout.  All the reading is optional.


15-30 min. a week for research

For suggested reading, parents can decide how much time they want spent on that, if any.


Teacher: Ashlyn Setterfield

Ages: 2 classes – 7-10yo.  and 10+yo.

Cost: See pricing chart

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