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Introduction to Photography

This is a great chance for your budding photographer to develop greater photographic knowledge and techniques and produce a portfolio of photographic art.  Students will learn how to operate their cameras and be introduced to various genres of photography thru the work of the great photographers. We will study still life, landscape, documentary, portraiture, travel and abstract.  Students will shoot assignments in all genres, keeping a close eye on the technical aspects of images, including composition, color, contrast, saturation, and tone as well as how to manipulate images for added effects in post.  Students will also learn about aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed to what makes a great photo.

Sessions will consist of classroom lessons of skill and history of photography, group round table editing and collaboration and photo walkabouts to help learners focus on their photography goals while practicing their new skills. During these photo sessions they will develop and hone their visual acuity, looking for light, shadows, shapes, and more. Students will be challenged with fun homework assignments too.  

The semester goal will be the creation of a digital portfolio of photographic art. 

Students should bring their own digital camera (could be a smartphone with a good camera).

Ages: 11+yo.

Teacher: Michael Marchesan

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