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Intro to Earth Science & Geology

Geology is the scientific branch of study that examines the solid matter of a celestial body. Geologists, or those that study geology, examine the composition, structure, physical properties, and history of the planetary body. Most geologists study the earth. However, there are some that study planets, and they are known as planetary geologists. In this course, we will study the set of laws of nature which shape this planet’s rocks into what they are today.  In order to get the fullest understanding, we will learn what they are and by what processes they were formed.
Topics Covered in this 1yr. long course: Earth’s Systems (including the basics, earthquakes, volcanoes and weathering), Plate Tectonics, Rock groups (including mineralogy, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic), Geologic Time and Reading Geologic Maps.
Ages: 14+yo.
Cost: Please see pricing chart
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