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Intermediate Knitting

Ability – based
 Must be able to cast on, cast off, knit and purl comfortably, with little or no support.
 Max 8 students
Intermediate students will practice the skills of purling and shaping. Each student will make several simple knitted toys or accessories according to their skill level and interest.
Practical, concrete thinking in the early years leads to enlivened and imaginative problem-solving and out of the box abstract thinking in later years. The students will also be learning verses and poems, hearing stories, and doing some occasional short term projects as well.
They will learn and practice cording, twisting, knotting, and braiding, and other fine motor skills.
Knitting fosters fine motor skills and visual tracking, as well as other foundational academic skills in a developmentally appropriate and enjoyable way. It teams the two hands and the two sides of the brain together, and encourages goal-oriented planning and perseverance. Neuroscientific studies have shown knitting fosters improved cognitive
functioning, sustained focus, careful planning, imaginative and practical thinking, resilience, and has therapeutic and self-regulating effects. Knitting is often used in therapeutic settings to combat feelings of isolation, anxiety, and restlessness. An ideal activity at this time!
Children are proud of their tangible accomplishments – and it’s really fun!