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Inspire Specialty Program at Learn Beyond The Book

We are very excited about our Specialty Partnership Program with Inspire Charter Schools for TK-12.  Below are some of the great benefits:

  • All students (TK-12) in the Specialty Program will be able to take 12 semester courses over the year, which amounts to 6 class time slots per semester (16 weeks).  High School Specialty students also have the option to take up to 5 courses per semester (5 time slots) plus have access to an online curriculum (Edgenuity) or a packet program (Starline Press).
  • Students can cover most or all of their core subjects, in addition to some fun enrichment classes or they can take care of core subjects at home and use funding for enrichment only, it’s the family’s choice!  All the classes include all materials and registration fees, there are no hidden costs.
  • Choose from hundreds of classes available in Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley – Van Nuys, San Fernando Valley – Tujunga, and Antelope Valley!
  • Specialty Program students receive some free subscriptions to as many online resources choosing from an extensive list including sites such as:
  1. Compass Learning
  2. Brainpop
  3. ABC Mouse
  4. Time4Learning
  5. Discovery Education
  6. IXL Math
  7. Dream Box
  8. Reading Eggs
  9. Math Seeds
  10. And more (Check with your facilitator which are available.)
  • Samples from classes are collected for students and filed for easy pick-up by Specialty teachers;
  • Easy meetings with teachers, when needed, at Learn Beyond The Book;
  • State testing occurs in a familiar environment with friends at Learn Beyond The Book to decrease test anxiety

In addition, for high school, students can also pick 5 class time slots and add Starline Press or Edgenuity classes to their class listing at no additional cost (up to $500 worth).

If you are interested to sign up for this great program, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Go to this enrollment website: http://tinyurl.com/InspireEnrollNow-North
2. Complete all five steps on School-REG in one sitting, if possible, so make sure to have the following
documents ready:
 Birth certificate
 Proof of residence
 Immunization record or  Waiver
 Fill out the Learn beyond the Book_Specialty Enrollment Certificate – for the teacher, pick Kelli Mejia and fill their name in on the form and upload to the Inspire enrollment website
 If in high school: an official transcript
 If student has special needs: IEP’s/504
Once you’ve successfully completed all the steps of the enrollment process, a digital Master Agreement will be emailed directly to your family, which you will sign and then it will be sent to the teacher for a signature.


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