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Improv with Kel

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Cripe and this semester, I will be teaching improv and theater
games. I am so excited for these classes because in addition to all the fun and laughter, learning
improv at a young age set me up with some of the most helpful tools I still use today in both my
personal and professional life.
For those who don’t know what improv, or improvisational comedy, is, it can best be described
as comedy without a script.
As a comedian and performer myself, I love improv for the joy, spontaneity and ways it
challenges my brain to think presently. As a teacher, I love improv for the confidence I see my
students learn as a byproduct of imagination and joy. These lessons can sometimes take years to
learn, but through the magic of playing around, I’ve seen students learn them in only a few
weeks. Some of the biggest lessons I like to focus on through the practice of improv are:

  1. Trusting yourself, trusting your team
  2. Stop overthinking, let your thoughts flow
  3. Think on your feet, adapt to every situation
  4. Come out of your shell, take risks
    As we all know, kids have the greatest humor. It’s as we get older when we place rules and
    restrictions on ourselves. Improv allows a grounded structure to learn ways to strengthen
    performance and cherish our imaginations.
    Although there’s no preparation or rehearsal, the art of improv itself is a style of comedy that
    dates back decades. It is filled with various structures that can be studied and trained, well into
    adulthood. Most creatives you love, whether it be a comedian or filmmaker or artist, have some
    level of training with improv for the ways it opens your mind to possibility, to think without fear
    or judgment and to simply create.
    Don’t worry, this class will focus on fundamentals. It is for any level of experience, whether you
    love acting or even if it’s a fear of yours, these techniques and games are playable by anyone, and
    guaranteed to bring smiles and growth.
    I am so excited to teach this class. I hope you’ll join me in learning the transformative power of
    saying “yes, and”!

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