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Improv & Theater Games with Kelly

Comedian Kelly Cripe will teach a beginner course on the art of improvisational comedy. Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. No scripts, no planning.

While the craft itself is spontaneous, there are still a wide variety of skills, structures and techniques that can be learned. Through understanding the fundamentals of performance and improv, kids will learn proper stage techniques, public speaking and confidence. In addition to studying the creative practice and history of the artform, students will nurture the artful joy of imagination, creativity and making friends. Through group games, kids will learn to work together, trust each other and, most importantly, trust themselves. Kelly strives to help kids step out of their comfort zone, embrace their humor and gain a self-confidence they can carry with them in every area of life. In this class, kids will have a safe and non-judgemental creative outlet to uncover their passions and gain skills to process life in fun and healthy ways.

Teacher: Kelly Cripe

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