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No More Tears – IEW Writing

No more nagging!  Your kids will discover that writing can be painless and even enjoyable. I have witnessed the transformation in class after class over the last five years while teaching the stylistic techniques and structural models of the “Institute for Excellence in Writing” curriculum.

The fear and apprehension most people experience when facing a blank page will evaporate while we sing songs about writing structure, play “Banned Word Bowling,” accessorize paragraphs by “Dressing the Part,” and compete at  “Unlocking the Key Word Code.”   Mastering the foundational tools of writing one step at a time will build your child’s   confidence and enhance their written and verbal communication skills.  The ability to share ideas, feelings, and interests with others is a priceless gift that transcends the barriers of time, distance, and generations.

Level 1 is for anyone who hasn’t ever taken the class or check with instructor if you are unsure

Level 2 is for those who have completed a semester or year of IEW Writing

The IEW Writing Lab is for all levels of students who would like a little extra help with their writing homework.  Come in and get some help from the teacher every week and get your homework done!


Teacher: Terri Stair

Ages: 2 groups – 8-11yo. and 12+yo.  and 2 levels

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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