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IEW Writing – Ancient World History

Come learn how writing can become painless and even enjoyable with our veteran teacher, Terri Stair, who uses the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) curriculum to help students on this path.  Terri is a certified IEW instructor and has taught countless children with this method, including her own children. This year’s writing is meant to coincide with our World History study of Ancient Times, so that the writing will also be related to the same time period.

Using The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) methods, students will learn to research topics, prepare keyword outlines from the source texts, organize the information, write their own sentences from their notes, and format three paragraph to five paragraph informative and persuasive essays. They will learn and practice IEW stylistic techniques to communicate more effectively and engage their audience. The story sequence chart will guide students through the development of a story setting, characters, conflict, and resolution. Poems will stretch their ability to describe the world around them with quality adjectives, similes, and metaphors.

Ages: 2 age groups: 8-11yo. & 11-15yo.

Teacher: Terri Stair

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