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IEW World History brought to life

IEW World History brought to Life – Immerse yourself in the everyday lives of people from around the world and across time! Students will hone their research skills by delving into the literature, history, beliefs, music, and food of a different culture as well as the impact of one major historical event on the lives of the people. Working in groups, they will determine how to coordinate their work efforts. Their discoveries will be organized in key word outlines and transformed into essays. Groups will share, through a story or factual presentation, the most intriguing differences and surprising similarities they uncovered in “Welcome to the land of ____” celebrations. This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to test the presentation tips and tricks we will have learned and practiced over the semester. Costumes, virtual backgrounds, food, or reenactments of ceremonies may be incorporated into the celebration! We will embark on this adventure together, and the class will be guided through the entire process one step at a time.

This would probably be best suited for students with at least one year of IEW.

Teacher: Terri Stair

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