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How does it all work?

You come to us with whatever educational and life/work experience background you have and we work out a custom plan for you to earn your bachelor’s or masters degrees accepting all credits you’ve already completed as well as subject tests (such as CLEP, SAT subject tests, etc.) and life/work experience. We work on creating a transcript for what you already know, we fill in the gaps and you complete your last 30 units with us, which involves either a research project, a final project, an internship or a combination of all 3. The rest of the units will involve the following 6 mandatory classes:

Psychology (combines Intro to Psych with Lifespan Psych and Positive Psych) with Critical Thinking

Anthropology (combines all five fields) with Critical Thinking

Crash Course in Science – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition and Public Health

Philosophy, Ethics and World Religions with Critical Thinking

Finance, Economics, Business, and the World of Statistics

The History of Global Inequity – Political Science, Ethnic, Environmental and Social Awareness

If you have substantial studies done in any of these areas, you are allowed to test out of a course.

You can, of course, also come to study with us right out of high school and we will design a custom path for you, based on your interests, in that situation as well.