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Homeschool & hybrid school interactive, small-group classes where you get to pick what, where, and how you want to learn!

Alternative education resources and support for self-directed learning – customized education for each child nationally & internationally – via interactive Zoom courses with live teachers as well as in-person in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys

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Join our supportive and caring community of students and staff to help in achieving your goals.  If you are interested in self-directed and student-led involvement, this is the place for you!
We offer the following:

Parent Portal for currently enrolled families
homeschool and hybrid school classes


As a possibility for payments, we are vendors for Blue Ridge Academy, Granite Mountain Charter, Heartland Charter, Suncoast Prep Academy, Mission Vista Charter, SCVi, iLead Lancaster, iLead Exploration, iLead Agua Dulce, iLeadAV, Golden Valley, Sky Mountain, Gorman, Excel Academy, Compass Charter School, Peak Prep Academy, Ocean Grove, Elite Academic Academy, Sage Oak, Springs Charter, Epic Charter, Arizona ESA program, New Hampshire Education Freedom Account, West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program, and Anchorage School District.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how the charter school system works for homeschoolers or if you would like us to become a vendor for any other charter schools.

     Of course, you can always pay cash, Venmo, Paypal or with a check too (monthly or in a lump sum).

(If you are in a charter school, you should register on our site first before classes fill up, then let your charter school know if you would like them to pay for the classes.  Payment is not collected during registration on our site, even though a credit card number is required as back-up payment.

*** Currently, no masks are required inside or outside for in-person classes, but students and teachers are welcome to wear them anytime if they feel more comfortable doing that. We require everyone to respect others’ choices for their health. Many classes are conducted outside and we will attempt to move classes outside if indoor mask mandates become a requirement by LA County or charter schools, although it might not be possible for all classes. Contact us for details if this is a concern. ***


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