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Homeschool High School Sports Leagues

What is the one thing that so many kids leave homeschooling for? They want to go to high school to be part of high school sports programs on a school campus which is very hard or impossible to get to if you are not part of a public school.

With homeschooling growing as fast as it has, it is no longer a problem of not having enough people to have high school sports, but it is a problem finding organized leagues and places to play.

I did some research and I am very excited to let you know that EMH Sports, who many of you are taking PE classes from at the park on Fridays, have started an interest list for sports leagues! They intend to start sports leagues all the way through high school in the following sports:

Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, Dodgeball, Handball, Cross Country

If you have any interest or might in the future to participate in more competitive sports, feel free to fill out their interest list. As soon as there is enough interest, teams will start forming in Santa Clarita.