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Homeschool Coaching

Is homeschooling doable? YES!  Can parents be successful in teaching their own kids? YES! Is there a lot to think about? FOR SURE!

Are you just totally lost on knowing where to start on your homeschool journey?

Or have you been at it for a while and you’re stuck and wondering what the best road forward will be?

Are you’re having a tough time getting your kids to do their work or to listen to your instructions?

Would you just like some support for the next year to help figure out curriculum and strategies?

Sign up for a slot of homeschool coaching with homeschool veteran, Elmarie Hyman, who has homeschooled for the past 20+ years and is the founder of Learn Beyond The Book.  She is patient and will listen to your challenges and be a great help in strategizing for the future. She has 4 children of her own, 3 high school graduates and a senior in high school. She has been around the block a few times and talks to parents every day to help them navigate the exciting, but, sometimes terrifying journey of being in charge of your child’s academic endeavors.

Rate: $50/hr, Skype or virtual coaching via Zoom or on another platform is also available.

To schedule a session, email LearnBeyondTheBook@gmail.com