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History of Ancient Asia

  • Contributions of Ancient China
  • Adapted to their environment
  • Geography of China
    Ancient Chinese Government
    First Emperor
    Foods That Came From Ancient China
    Foods That Came From Ancient China
    Chinese Lanterns—History
    How to make a Chinese Lantern
    How to make a Chines
    How to make peach ice cream in a bag
    Ancient Chinese Family Life
    Chinese Cinderella
    Chinese Writing
  • Chinese Characters
    Rivers important to the ancient Chinese way of life

    Map of ancient China –  to add labels and a legend
    Physical map of
    33. Life cycle of the silkworm—WE WILL RAISE AS WELL
    34. Small version of life cycle of the silkworm for notebook use (4 to a page)
    35. Colored version of life cycle of silkworm with NO details—for teacher use
    Silk road map
    Natural borders of Ancient China foldable
    History of Kites
    How to make a Fish Kite
    Ancient Chinese Buildings— (Architecture) Homes and temples
    How to make classroom marshmallow cannons
    Ancient Chines Architecture – The Great Wall
    How to make a class Great Wall of China
    Dragon Puppet with Chopsticks
    Make your own Chinese Fan
    Vocabulary chart
    Compare and Contrast Ancient China Then and Today
    What a Peach! – think about the peach and write
    Terracotta Warriors

  • Asia maps
    Create a Classroom Terracotta Army Directions
    Pagoda house
    Chinese Scrolls
  • Chinese Paper
    Panda Cams
    Online Panda Project
    Paper Chinese Fortune Cookies
    Dough/Clay Fortune Cookie Necklace/Keychain
  • Chinese Opera Masks
  • Ancient Headdress Take Home Project
    STEM project – can you make a Wheelbarrow

Ages: 9-13yo.

Teacher: Kristy Robinson

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