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High School Literature & Writing

Studies have shown that individuals who often read high quality fiction appear to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them, and view the world from their perspective.  That is our goal in this this yearlong high school level class!  We will read literature as an expression of those higher things that make us most human: our emotions, our recognition of the need for a moral order, and our ability to experience the beauty of the human existence.  We will expand our horizons while we read about world events that we cannot experience, and perspectives that are alien to us, and then complete a culminating project with a world view in mind.

We will spend a significant amount of time on honing writing skills.  For some of this class we will focus on what people usually picture when they think of writing for the real world:  writing a review of a play or a movie, or writing a newspaper article.  For most of this class we will focus on writing to be successful in college, the typical 3-5 page (or longer) essay that your English 101 professor expects, like writing in response to the literature.


This is a high school level literature and composition course, so expect reading at home   (60 – 90 minutes) and writing homework as well (60 minutes) each week.

List of books coming soon.

Teacher: Stephanie Akin

Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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