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High School Literature & Composition – Level 2

High School Literature and Composition

In this class, students will build on what was learned in level 1 of this course (or their current abilities if they’ve already taken writing courses that have covered concepts like the five-paragraph essay and literary analysis) and expand their ability to write papers


High School Literature & Composition

This High School Literature and Composition course is taught in two parts–as a literature class and as a composition class—and builds upon what students have learned in the Level 1 version of this class.  When taken together, these classes introduce students to great works of literature, allow them to deepen their understanding of the work and themselves through discussions, projects, and essay planning, and help them to prepare for college-level writing and essays.  In the composition, students work on writing the essays, moving through pre-writing, drafting, and editing, and practicing this process through quickwrites, editing one another’s work, and writing research papers.  They will also learn to be more effective writers by continuing to expand on the traditional five-paragraph essay structure and become more comfortable with the basics and finer aspects of MLA format.  Vocabulary and grammar are also covered in this course. The literature course allows students to engage in discussions, activities, worksheets, and some games that deepen their ability to understand and engage with great literature, analyze literary elements and use them in their own writing, and more easily connect with the world as readers. Taken together, these two courses fulfill high school A-G requirements with some homework.  (It is possible for students to take these courses separately to fulfill these requirements, but they will have more homework and schoolwork to complete independently; it is recommended that students take both the literature and composition courses together.)  Either class may be taken separately for enrichment and skill-building, and both classes are designed to help students learn in an enjoyable, personal way.


High School Literature: Writing, Discussions, and Games:

Learning to analyze and discuss literature is an important skill for high school students, whether they are fans of reading or reluctant readers.  This class is designed to help students deepen their abilities in this area, and have a good time doing it!  It is for students who want to connect with what they read, and learn more about literature at the same time.


In the first semester of this yearlong class, students will study high school English literature and poetry in an engaging and personal way.  We will read, analyze, and discuss books on approved book lists for high schoolers covering world literature, American literature, and British literature as well as an engaging selection of short stories, poetry, essays, and even a couple of biographies or historical graphic novel. The list is still under construction (check back soon) but four to five of the following will likely be read in this class: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Axupery, The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and Animal Farm by George Orwell. We may read Maus and The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass as well as several short stories, poems, and essays.


Students will write their own poetry, write essays about the works we study, complete some creative writing, and complete tests and study guides designed to deepen understanding of the material.  In-class discussions will engage students’ interest and help them relate the ideas within the reading to their own lives and perspectives.  We will also study relevant vocabulary words through games and in-class activities, and complete some related projects.


Because this class requires reading, roughly 1-2 hours of homework per week are required.

Ages: 14-18yo.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

Cost: $575 per semester for the 3 hour course (class is intended to be taken both semesters for full credit, but semesters are billed separately)

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