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High School Chemistry

This class is a year-long course designed for high school students who want to experience some simple but effective lab activities that can enrich their study of chemistry. Each week’s class will include a lab or activity involving chemical concepts. The course will include many hands-on laboratory activities as well as some directed instruction in the fundamentals of chemistry. There will be some study or assignments to be completed taking perhaps an hour per assignment per week.

Some of the labs will include building models of molecules, determining the chemical  properties of four liquids,  determining the density of aluminum foil, determining the pH of household acids and bases, simulating a nuclear reaction, microtitration of acids and bases, and balancing reactants with products.

The curriculum and lab being used is already approved by Sky Mountain Charter School for a-g credit and we are working with other charters to get it approved.

Teacher: Scotty Sebesta

Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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