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High School Biology

This is a year-long class but students can join in at regular intervals.  Ask us when if you’re joining late.

We will delve into all the great topics of Biology for High School with lots of hands-on experiments.

Textbook for this Course: The book we will be using as a spine for this class is Glenco Life Science , 2002 (with National Geographic).  Isbn#0-07-823695-9. Here is a link        http://www.amazon.com/Life-Science-Alton-Biggs/dp/0078617022/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1289880749&sr=8-1-fkmr1

This study of biology is separated into modules focusing on specific aspects of the science: Cellular biology,  Plants and fungi,  Animals, and Environment. Students are invited to explore the modules in order for a compete course, or take just the modules which interest them. This biology course is a gentle, introductory course, with lots of activities and experiments. I have tried to focus on every day applications of biology that we see around us all the time. Some of the major topics we will study will be observing techniques, historical highlights, characteristics of life — what life is made of and how it works together. Be prepared to think and apply the concepts.

Proposed syllabus (subject to change):

Module 1 Cells

Module 2 Intro into Kingdoms

Module 3 Animals and Environment

Module 4 Human biology

Module 1 Cells

Lesson 1: we learn how to classify scientific method

Lesson 2: Intro to cells

Lesson 3: cell processes

Lesson 4: cell reproduction

Lesson 5: heredity

Lesson 6: adaptations over time

Lesson 7: bacteria,

Lesson 8: final exam game project presentation

Module 2 Intro to Kingdoms

Lesson 1: Cellular organization

Lesson 2: protists and fungi

Lesson 3: plants

Lesson 4: plant reproduction

Lesson 5: processes

Lesson 6: intro to animals

Lesson 7: invertebrates

Lesson 8: final exam game project presentation

Module 3 Animals and Environment

Lesson 1: Linnaean Taxonomic system

Lesson 2:  Review invertebrates,

Lesson 3: Vertebrates, 5 classes FARMB

Lesson 4: Structural adaptations

Lesson 5: behavioral adaptations

Lesson 6: Niche, habitat, biome, ecosystems

Lesson 7: Husbandry and non-living environment

Lesson 8: final exam game project presentation

Module 4 Human Biology

Lesson 1:  structure and function of human body

Lesson 2:  nutrition and digestion

Lesson 3: circulation respiration

Lesson 4: excretion

Lesson 5: control coordination

Lesson 6: regulation reproduction

Lesson 7:  immunity and disease

Lesson 8: final exam game project presentation

Teacher: Elizabeth Johnson

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Non-refundable materials fees: $55

Ages: 14+yo.

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