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High School Biology & Lab


Students explore the fundamental principles of biology that include, but are not limited to: chemistry of life, the cell, gene to protein, genetics, genetic engineering, evolution, natural selection, kingdoms of life, human anatomy and physiology, ecology, energy, ecosystems, and environmental science.



This course will be set up like a flipped classroom and will qualify for a-g credit with the labs onsite.  Students will be required to complete weekly academic work from home including reading, watching videos, viewing PowerPoints, and completing assignments.  The focus during our onsite time together will be labs and other hands-on activities that match the weekly concept.  Onsite meetings will also include a weekly quiz and time for questions over the concepts from home.  Weekly assignments and lab reports will be graded for charter school credit.  Projects will be used as mid-term and final grades.

This class is able to earn a-g credit with most charter schools, but please let us know which school you’re with, so we can make sure to fulfill all their requirements.
Ages: 14+yo.
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