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High School Biology & Lab

This one-year course is an in-depth study of Life Sciences. Through textbook, projects, activities, investigations, coursework and laboratory exercises, students will develop an understanding of: Ecology, Cellular Biology (Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic), Genetics, Biological Diversity (and the History of), Botany, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Biology, and the Human Body Systems.  Laboratory and field exercises will help students develop critical thinking skills, perform collection and analysis of data proficiently, and understand proper laboratory procedures and will make up 20% of the course. This course is designed to help students think scientifically and develop the skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level college chemistry course. Students will develop critical thinking skills necessary to not only understand key concepts, but be able to apply, analyze, and synthesize these concepts. This course is created to give options to students who learn in different ways while ensuring that all students will be able to ask questions, define and solve problems through investigations, analyze and interpret data and use it to create models, argue using evidence, and overall think critically about Biology.  By the end of this course, students will attain these higher-level thinking and processing skills necessary for success in college courses. Students will also master the California Biology Content Standards.


This class is able to earn a-g credit with most charter schools, but please let us know which school you’re with, so we can make sure to fulfill all their requirements.
Ages: 13+yo.
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