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High School Art – History & Mixed Media Art/Drawing

Students will be studying Art History through the Ages in a Meet the Masters style class where they will study Art History through appreciating the Masters and their works.  Students will then create an art piece similar in style to that of the artist and their style.

Students will be exploring a variety of media including watercolors, charcoal, colored pencil, chalk pastel, and oil pastel!  They will also be practicing and expanding their drawing skills, while learning about the various elements of art, such as line, texture, value, and shape!

Check with your charter school, but this class could be added to your class list as “small group tutoring” for high schoolers if they are enrolled in BYU courses and then they’ll be able to earn high school credit for the BYU courses, but they’ll have help in these classes. Some of these courses can be taken concurrently.  Here are the BYU classes that might count, but check with the charter, each one has different requirements:

  • BYU On Line Learning ART 041 & 043 – Art Foundations: 10,000 BC – 1900. Art history, art production, art criticism and aesthetics.
  • BYU On Line Learning ART 045 – Drawing: an introduction to the fundamentals of drawing and focuses on the elements and principles of art, linear perspective, proportion and composition.


Teacher: Ashlyn Setterfield

Cost: Please see pricing chart AND this class will be discounted to $160 for students with proof of enrollment in a BYU course for high school credit (which costs $140).

To register, click here

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