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Hands-On Math: Multiplication/Division & Fractions

Hands-On Math builds a knowledge of multiplication, division, and fractions based on an understanding of the underlying principles involved, rather than rote memorization of tables. 

We begin the class with a review of foundational principles necessary to understanding multiplication like skip counting, doubling, halving, and place value.  We then move on to working with arrays and area models as concrete representations of both multiplication and division simultaneously, thus linking them right from the start and avoiding an unnatural separation of the two concepts.  This naturally leads us to learning the “key” multiplication facts (2s, 5s, and 10s) so that we may build on this foundation and reason our way toward learning the remaining multiplication and division fact families.

After a strong foundation is laid through our work with multiplication and division, we will then move on to fractions.  Tactile, sensory methods will continue to govern our approach here as we build our own fraction models and work with manipulatives to gain a deep understanding of common fractions, fractions of sets, and equivalency.   

Throughout this entire process, we will be using Cuisenaire rods and pattern blocks which are fantastic tools for discovering the relational qualities of numbers.  I highly recommend having your own sets of these manipulatives at home so that your child may continue practicing at home what we learn in class.  

Prerequisites:  Students who have a firm grasp of addition and subtraction of numbers within 20 and who are also comfortable with place value concepts governing two-digit numbers will be well equipped to handle this class.

Teacher: Andrea Coane

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Materials: (Highly recommended for home practice)

One or two 155-rod tubs of the Cuisenaire rods are best, and a 250-piece tub of pattern blocks should suffice.  I love the wooden rods and blocks, but the plastic versions may be purchased at a lower price.  The links are below: