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Growth Mindset

This class infuses social-emotional learning and psychology to help kids understand the power of “choice” in their thoughts. This character-building class focuses on helping kids develop self-belief, gratitude, perseverance, grit, and positive thinking.  A growth mindset can be applied to every area of a child’s life including personal, social, and academic. Incorporating journaling exercises, in-class games, activities, and projects to help children discover the importance of resilience and how to face challenges with confidence. Overall, this method boosts personal happiness, forms and develops positive daily focus, cultivates gratitude and optimism, and fosters mental well being.

REQUIREMENT: Please bring a one-subject spiral notebook to class for written assignments and journaling exercises.  Having a designated notebook for class assignments helps in reflecting on past assignments by keeping all of the work in one specific location.
If your student would like to have a journal to write in to keep for the future, feel free to order one, but it is optional: https://biglifejournal.com/collections/all/products/big-life-journal-teen-edition

Teacher: Erika F.

Ages: 2 age groups – 9-11yo. and 12+yo.

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