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Getting Ready to Read—Pre-Literacy Games, Rhymes,and Stories

This class is geared toward children who are in the emergent stage of reading and ready to move into the Letter Name-Alphabetic stage as defined by the Words Their Way reading program—typically ages 4 to 5.  Children at this stage are ready to experiment with the forms and functions of print—from learning the left to right directionality of reading, to learning how print relates to oral language and how they may actively convey language in written form.

In this class we will focus on a whole to parts approach to literacy learning.  We will play games, sing songs, and read and recite stories and rhymes to make meaningful connections to written and oral language.  Specifically, we will read, learn, and recite poems and rhymes, and then take them apart and put them together again, line by line. This active literacy work will lead to focusing on specific letter sounds in the rhyme and then completing picture sorts that emphasize learning the letter representing the sound heard in the rhyme.  We will also complete concept sorts to develop new vocabulary and discover meaning in the way objects are related to each other by how we categorize them.

Teacher: Andrea Coane

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All print outs needed for each class will be posted on Google Classroom. 

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