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High School Geometry

 In this yearlong class we will focus on understanding plane and space relationships.  One thing that many students find they like is that geometry is less abstract and more visual than algebra – easier to ‘see’ what is going on in the problems.  For some of this class we will focus on what people usually picture when they think of geometry: topics like area, perimeter and volume, measuring angles, and using triangles to find the heights of tree and buildings.  You know, stuff you can use in the real world out there.  About 2/3 of the class covers problems that are not designed to necessarily be directly usable in the real world, but are instead exercises so students can explore and practice the process of solving problems in general.  We will spend a significant amount of time on proofs and logic, which helps students consider how we know the things we know, and how to build on knowledge we’ve learned before.  Although many of the problems we work on in geometry class do not have direct real-world applications, we will be building build our brain’s ability to problem solve.   We will also incorporate multiple art projects throughout the year to get the both the right brain and the left brain involved in learning.   Algebra I skills are used throughout this course.  This is a high school level geometry course, so you can expect 60-90 minutes of homework each week.

Topics Covered include

  • Reasoning and proof
  • compass and straight edge constructions,
  • parallel and perpendicular lines,
  • congruent triangles,
  • similarity,
  • regular polygons,
  • relationships within triangles,
  • quadrilaterals,
  • area,
  • surface area and volume
  • circles

Teacher: Michael Marchesan and Doug Pfendler

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