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Formal Logic & Reasoning

Formal Logic is the art and science of reasoning well. Looking at today’s news headlines, reasoning appears to be lacking both in writers and commentators. Introduce your students into the fascinating realm of formal, deductive logic. Formal logic studies how an argument is put together—the form or structure of an argument.

Students will use the Discovery of Deduction which is geared directly toward students as young as eighth grade, making a subject usually reserved for study in college accessible and relevant to middle and high school, logic-stage students. The book emphasizes the practical and real-world application of soundly structured deductive logic. Using methods such as Socratic dialogue, ample discussion, and integration of other subjects, the book teaches formal logic in the best way for dialectic students.  Classroom games and activities will reinforce memory work as students learn to reason well.

Ages: 12+yo.

Teacher: Donna Seidman

Cost: See pricing chart

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