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Forensics is the science of solving crimes.  In this class we will learn how investigators solve crimes by focusing on different types of evidence used in an investigation.    In addition to the activities listed below there will also be “who-dunnits” logic games, review games and – everyone’s favorite – Stupid Criminals.  There is no homework in this class.

Over the course of the semester, we will cover: obtaining DNA and using it to solve a crime, memory and eyewitness testimony,  hair analysis, teeth analysis, graphology, forgery and fraud, fingerprint evidence, counterfeiting, fiber analysis, shoeprint analysis, blood-typing, toxicology, entomology, and criminal profiling.  We will learn the science behind solving crimes and discuss real-life crimes and how they were solved.   We will also discuss crime scenes and interviewing a witness.

Ages 8-12. (Students must be able to read and write)

Teacher: Sarah Peterson

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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