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Film Appreciation

 Explore film as an art form and storytelling medium. In this class we will delve into the narrative ability of film and explore the techniques in cinema that help tell a story. We will be viewing a variety of films in this class throughout multiple time periods. Students will gain a deeper understanding of film from a storytelling perspective and will be well-versed in ideas such as symbolism and narrative tools specific to film such as the use of color, sound, and specific camera angles and techniques to invoke feelings.
Films for Spring semester were (Fall films still being picked):
Kubo and the Two Strings
-common sense media gives it a 9+
Back to the Future
-common sense media gives it a 10+
-common sense media gives it an 11+
Hidden Figures
-common sense media gives it a 10+
Pacific Rim
-common sense media gives it a 12+
-common sense media gives it a 15+
The Martian
-common sense media gives it a 12+
Kong Skull Island
-common sense media gives it a 14+
-with this film we will look at prior iterations of King Kong and watch a few clips and discuss some of the problems in the narrative that this film largely gets rid of
Ages: 12+yo.
Cost: See pricing chart
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