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Film Appreciation & Production

In this class, learners will be guided through the entire filmmaking process. All students will write, direct, shoot and edit films of their own, and work as crew for one another.  The emphasis here is on single system film production, where sound and image are captured by the same camera with digital editing.

We will explore in depth film history, critical studies, writing, directing, editing, cinematography and sound learning from the masters. Students will view some of the best films ever made and discuss the key technical techniques and story archetypes which make these films so important.

Students will collaborate on the film projects they want to pursue and will run their projects on their own – with guidance and mentorship as they take those lessons hands-on, making their own short films.  

 (Smart devices with downloaded ap editing systems required) 


Ages: 12+yo.

Teacher: Lisa Brooke King

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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