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English 101 Prep & Companion course

For students who have taken several years of high school-level English courses (or studied independently and have a firm grasp of essay-writing and MLA structure), English 101 is a wonderful option for high schoolers. Before students can take the course, they must score highly on a placement test given at the college, and this course prepares students to do that, as well as to hone the vital essay-writing skills they need and review everything they need to be prepared for English 101 success. There will be a heavy focus on reading comprehension, test practice, essay-writing practice, review of the basic 5-paragraph essay structure, review of MLA structure, practice in research writing and embedding quotes, and review of grammar and punctuation.

This course does not cover all of the A-G standards for a high school English course, but if English 101 is taken in the Spring (and semester 2 of this class is group tutoring for this), students can earn a full year of credit for high school as well as college. For those who do not need A-G credit for English, this course can still be very useful for building skills, even if the second semester is not taken.

Prerequisite: Students need to have considerable experience in writing essays. (To determine readiness for English 101, students are encouraged to consider it if they would be able to write a full 5-paragraph essay in one hour, as that is one of the assignments for the class.)

Ages: Ability-Based/ 15+ (recommended)

About the teacher: Lizzie Scott is a published author, experienced writer, and mother who has years of experience teaching high school- and college-level courses in writing and other topics. She has helped many students prepare for and complete English 101 as well as High School Literature and Composition courses and is skilled at making the course enjoyable while helping students grow as writers.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

Cost: See pricing chart

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