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English 101 Prep & Companion course

For students who have taken several years of high school-level English courses (or studied independently and have a firm grasp of essay-writing and MLA structure), English 101 is a wonderful option for high schoolers, particularly those who are in 12th grade. For students who are extremely comfortable with the 5-paragraph essay (and can write one in an hour or less), have a comfortable understanding of MLA structure, have strong reading comprehension skills, and a firm grasp of grammar, this English 101 companion class may be an ideal fit to help students be successful in a college course that can be taken during high school to fulfill high school and college requirements. 

Students who take this course can earn a full year of credit for high school as well as college. (Taking this course before 11th grade might mean students need to take an extra college English course beyond 101 and 102/103 in order to fulfill high school requirements. For those who are not at least junior level and very comfortable with writing, Lizzie’s High School Literature and Composition course on Tuesdays may be a better fit–it fulfills A-G standards and prepares motivated students for this course; if you’re not sure which would be the right fit, feel free to ask Lizzie or Elmarie.) 

Prerequisite: Students need to have considerable experience in writing essays. (To determine readiness for English 101, students are encouraged to consider it if they would be able to write a full 5-paragraph essay in one hour following MLA format and traditional 5-paragraph essay requirements, as that is one of the assignments for the class.)

Ages: Ability-Based/ 16+ (recommended)

About the teacher: Dr. Lizzie Scott is a published author, experienced writer, and mother who has years of experience teaching high school- and college-level courses in writing and other topics. She has helped many students prepare for and complete English 101 as well as High School Literature and Composition courses and is skilled at making the course enjoyable while helping students grow as writers.

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