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Emergency Procedures – Van Nuys


  1. If there is any kind of emergency (major fire, hazardous materials, etc.), call 911 right away.  Also call or text Elmarie’s cell phone 661-755-2331 if she’s not on the premises.  Elmarie will send a mass text to parents to keep them updated.


  1. In any emergency the chain of command for decision making is as follows in this order:
  • Elmarie Hyman (Director) if on site, if not:
  • Site Manager (Lisa Creahan, Marie Johnson, Kim Turney, or Lynn Hayes)
  • Teachers on site at the time


  1. Stay calm and help students stay as calm as possible.


  1. There is an “Emergency Go Bag” located in the bin under the table at the sign-out file. It contains a binder with parent contact information, a sign out sheet, back-up classroom lists, first-aid kit, flashlight, ice packs, and some protein bars. 


  1. If evacuating, the site manager should grab the “Emergency Go Bag”. If site manager is not on the premises, Elmarie is taking it and if she isn’t there, Marie Johnson or Kim Turney.


  1. Each teacher will be responsible for the children in their classroom and will gather all the children in that one room and take the roll sheet with them, which contains parent phone numbers. They will then proceed to the area designated by the person in charge (see chain of command). 


  1. Everyone will proceed to the part of the building that is the farthest away from the emergency e.g. if there is a fire at the north end of the building, we will assemble at the south end. If the fire is inside the building, evacuate to the parking lot.  If the fire is outside, stay in the building and await instruction from the Fire Department.  If needed, teachers will be instructed to call parents of children in their care by the person in charge (see chain of command).  At all times instructions of the Fire Department should be followed.


  1. In case of a small fire, use fire extinguishers in the building (in the hallway) to put out fire if possible, but if it is not small and easily contained, yell “FIRE” and evacuate students immediately. If told to evacuate by the fire department, take students to the park across the street unless instructed otherwise by the fire department and stay together until all children are picked up by parents.


  1. If there is an earthquake, stop, drop, and cover until it stops. Then every class, accompanied by their teacher, evacuate the building and assemble outside the building away from high trees and power lines near the back parking lot where our designated parking is AND SUPERVISE CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES.


  1. If an evacuation occurred, do not re-enter the building unless cleared by officials to do so.


  1. The gate near the girls’ bathroom are to remain closed and locked at all times, except at lunch. Site managers will be monitoring the other gate throughout the day, making sure that no-one that is not affiliated with Learn Beyond The Book (teacher, parent or student) or church staff enter the building to use the bathroom or for any other reason.  If for any reason there is any suspicious activity, make sure the kids are inside the classrooms and lock both gates.  The gate near the boys’ bathroom locks automatically if you just close it.