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Electronics, Aerodynamics & Engineering through Building RC/Drones

Want to build something that soars beautifully through the air? Ever wondered if you could build your own drone? This class will be a principally hands-on experience, where students will learn how to build an RC aircraft – be it a quad-copter drone, an airplane, or something of their own design! Students will learn a mix of concepts, as well as develop practical skill.


Some key skills/concepts students will leave with:

– Electronics, Soldering, Wiring Techniques, Basic Programming in C.

– Aerodynamics, Lift/Drag/Thrust/Weight, Propeller Thrust Calculation.

– Designing systems for passive safety, & active safety, and developing safety procedures.

– Test Development & Execution, the Scientific Method in Engineering.

– Metalworking, Plastic-working, Wood-working, & competence in using power tools

– CAD (Computer Aided Design) via Autodesk Inventor


Ages: 12+yo.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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