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Modern History (1850AD-present day) Unit Study: Literature, History, Geography, Science & Art – 2 classes

This class is part of a Unit Study –  collaboration between Sarah Peterson’s History & Geography portion, Ashlyn Setterfield’s History of Art portion and Jonny Hyman’s History of Science portion. It will form a cohesive unit study and immerse students in this time period for an entire year.

You can sign up for the whole unit study or for just one of the 2 classes. This is the continuation in a series covering the history of the world from beginning to end in a chronological fashion.

The full study will encompass 4 years, but you can join us for any part of the journey. The first year covered the Ancient World, the second year covered the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and this year will be Early Modern History (1600-1850A.D.), and finally the Modern Era in the fourth year (this year). Each course will be offered for one year (32 weeks – 16 weeks per semester) and teach core disciplines.

Sarah will be using Story of the World and various other sources to cover the period from all the revolutions, lots of US History, WW 1 & 2, Vietnam War, Great Depression & Dust Bowl, Apartheid, Information Age, and many more important events doing lots of activities and projects to help the students learn at a deeper level, all at an age appropriate fashion.

Jonny will be teaching the history of Science during the same time period covering the mathematical, engineering and geometrical advances and discoveries and how it relates to the time period. There will be lots of fun experiments and other activities to help the kids retain learning. Jonny says, ”

The amount of groundbreaking science from the year 1850 until today is arguably more than all groundbreaking science prior. Through storytelling, and weekly super fun activities and science experiments, students will learn not only about the most important scientific concepts and discoveries of the late 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, but also about the wide range of personalities and life stories of the scientists involved in the discoveries.

We will cover all the major scientists and breakthroughs from 1850 to now, including scientists, engineers, and physicists like Albert Einstein, Werhner von Braun, Marie Curie, Robert Goddard, Stephen Hawking, and more.”

Ashlyn will be covering the history of Art during this time emphasizing various great artists, such as Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Andy Warhol, and many more.  Students will be creating art works in the same style as these artists after exploring their styles.  Ashlyn’s History of Art class will be every 2 weeks and the other weeks will be filled in with Jonny’s History of Science portion, so the class will make up a unit of Science & Art.

Teacher: Ashlyn Setterfield for Art, Jonny Hyman for Science and Sarah Peterson for Literature,Geography, and History

Cost: Please see Pricing chart

Ages: Two age groups: One class for 9-12yo. and one for 12-15yo.

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